The HANDS Foundation

The HANDS Foundation’s purpose is to educate, coordinate and involve seniors and organizations to create an independent lifestyle that will result in an improved quality of life for Medina County Seniors.

The HANDS Foundation shall be an instrument for the improvement of senior issues through education, community resources, and community partnerships.

HANDS Foundation is a community foundation and is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.  All trustees and officers serve without compensation.

Donations may be directed to established programs or contributed to the Foundation’s general fund.  Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.  HANDS is a local charity, not supported by any national organization. All money raised here stays here in Medina County to benefit our older adults.

In Memory of Don Simpson

Christina Waller – Executive Director

Elizabeth Murphy – Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors
Brandi Provoznik (Rees) – President
Kimberly Valco – Vice President
Grant Crabbs, LNHA – Treasurer
Angela Coleman – Secretary

Board of Trustees
Chand Manglani
Danielle Shaffstall
Lori Betz
Devon Duncan (Diello)

Honorary Trustees
Mayor Dennis Hanwell- Past President
Dan Ihrig, LNHA- Past President
Judge James Kimbler
Pete Rademacher
Joe Hanna-Past President


Aging should be a supportive partnership among seniors, families, caregivers, the community and HANDS.

All seniors deserve dignity and a respectful quality of life.

The community has a responsibility to ensure sources exist and are made available.

Seniors are a valuable asset in the community wheel.

Download our HANDS Foundation brochure : HANDS Foundation Information

Funds are made available by grant application to seniors and their families for special needs they could not otherwise afford or obtain through any other resource.  This program fills a huge void in services to seniors and no other organization has a program like Senior Wishes.

Helping HANDS is a 32 page, bi-monthly newspaper that is directly mailed free of charge to 11,000 Medina County seniors, family members, and community leaders 6 times per year. The paper contains educational, informational and entertaining articles geared towards seniors and their specific issues and topics of interest.  This publication is supported solely through advertising revenue and the proceeds are used to help fund the Senior Wish program.

Our various events and fundraisers thoughout the year help fund the senior wish grant and other programs for Medina County seniors.