Senior Wish Update!

It’s impossible at this point to keep up with ALL of the wishes we have been granting (what a GREAT problem to have we are so blessed)! The need is REAL in our county- the GREAT news is we have the most amazing teams of people to assist our Medina County seniors! It is SO hard to believe that around 7 years ago we were SO excited to have granted 13 wishes that year- and NOW in 2024. We have granted OVER 150 wishes, and it is only May! We are BLESSED!


Adult Protective Services reached out for our assistance with an emergency move for a senior who was not safe-the wish was for a mini fridge and some needed incidentals for this senior’s new safe space! We love working with agencies in our county who are helping our Medina County Seniors-especially those seniors with NO ONE else to help them.

A homebound disabled senior whose only companion is a cat wished to have the cat groomed- we were able to have a groomer come to her home to care for her cat.

We had a wish come from a 95-year-old senior (who is also a veteran) that is legally blind and battling stage five kidney disease to have his house cleaned as he cannot do it on his own and has no family to assist him! We paid a cleaning company to clean this senior’s home! “To care for those ones once cared for us is one of the highest honors”.

A Medina County senior (who is disabled) requested assistance with decluttering her home as she is not able to do it on her own nor is she able to get around safely-we were able to enlist the help of a downsizing specialist to assist this senior.

 For More Information how to submit a senior wish click the button below “Learn More” to be taken to our application and current wish guidelines.